The LionHeart 2016 Dakar Open is the first international and formally ran Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) tournament ever held in West Africa. Audacious BJJ practitioners representing BJJ and MMA teams in seven countries, spanning four continents, had an opportunity to face off against each other, as well as against local competitors from Senegal. The Dakar Open is set in an exotic land where an indigenous form of grappling has endured for over 600 years.

LionHeart 2016 Dakar Open Dakar Open competitions are key to the development of BJJ on the continent, particularly in West Africa, by shining a light on this newly introduced art taking root in Senegal. As a cornerstone to develop multi-dimensional mixed martial artists, BJJ is a crucial component of the Lion Heart Initiative’s
intricate scheme to introduce Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in West Africa, leading to competitive MMA circuits and economic opportunities for dedicated athletes.




2016 DAKAR OPEN results:

No-Gi Debutant
Gold: Julien Mahieux (France)
Silver: Ousmane Sagna (Senegal)
Bronze: Momar Ka (Senegal)

No-Gi Advanced
Gold: Alan Jennings (USA)
Silver: Boubacar Diallo (Senegal)
Bronze: Moustapha Diop (Morocco)

Gi White Belts
Gold: Ousmane Sagna (Senegal)
Silver: Alassane Niang (Senegal)
Bronze: Julien Mahieux (France)

Gi Blue Belts
Gold: Boubacar Diallo (Senegal)
Silver: Aziz Fouda (Senegal)
Bronze: Ashriel King (UK)


Gi Purple Belts
Gold: Lamine Diedhiou (France)
Silver: David Baker (Germany)
Bronze: Musa Conteh (Thailand)




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